Have a close look.

«I wanna go there»

(26/11/18) elk loves to write – and actually wherever it's possible. Now he is aiming for a completely new working space. Up in the air, safely attached to strong ropes, or on gears heading up the mountains. «I wanna go there!»

«hello Inside» – pretty big

(22/11/18) Also the second issue of the Meier Tobler staff magazine came in a big format. Folded then into A5 it's the perfect magazine to read at home or on the way to work.

elk meets a «fairy»

(12/10/18) For the latest issue of PETflash, elk went into the woods and met Kimberly, a self-declared «fairy». And miracles she performs, by keeping a part of the wood where she lives free of waste.

elk, the «friendly ghost»

(04/10/18) In the last five years elk provided many articles and pictures for PKRück, a Swiss reinsurance company. elk was never mentioned as he wrote as a ghostwriter, enabling the company to get professional texts under their own name.

elk out on the Atlantic

(12/07/18) It was the perfect day with beautiful weather and a calm sea to visit Skellig Michael off the Western coast of Ireland. The island is a UNESCO World Heritage site that was inhabited by monks from the 7th to the 11th century. elk was here for a new project.

elk and the «PETflash»

(10/06/14) For the latest issue of PETflash, a magazine by the leading Swiss PET plastic bottles recycling company, elk has contributed several articles. The magazine is available in German and French only, but can be downloaded here.

Winning the jackpot

(05/06/14) Who thinks that winning in the lottery will solve all problems? If you'd ask James Stewart he would raise a different opinion - it creates even more problems! You will know why, after having seen the film from 1950 and having listened about the movie and the people behind it in the latest «Waterville Classic Movies» workshop at Tech Amergin.

Have yourself a yellow Christmas

(19/12/13) The WaMoMu is back for the festive season with a special Christmas exhibition on the 19th December. And after your visit to the museum you have the chance to enjoy one of the most popular Christmas movies ever at the Tech Amergin - "Miracle On 34th Street".

Yellow and on four wheels: it's a museum!

(10/10/13) There's a completely new challenge for elk: as a director (and driver) of the new WAterville MOvie MUseum. At the time being elk is busy getting things ready for the small opening at Tech Amergin Waterville on 24th October. Read more at the WaMoMu-Blog and in the press release.

elk and the lighthouse

(28/07/13) Fresh from the press is the latest Newsletter from Tech Amergin. elk enjoyed writing the new intro and describing the Tech as a modern lighthouse that brings knowledge, skills and culture to locals and visitors.

Letter to the Minister

(25/07/13) An old and cherished idea found it's way back into the light. And it found its way into a new summary that has been handed over to Jimmy Deenihan, Minister for Art, Heritage and The Gaeltacht, at the official launch of the Roving Swan in Ballinskelligs today. (Picture: Angela O'Sullivan)

elk puts Bernie Kennedy into the picture

(20/07/13) Bernie Kennedy paints what she sees in and around her hometown Waterville. Impressing pictures, big emotions - and a cordial artist. elk was the photographer on place for the official opening of the Solo Art Exhbition "Iveragh Through The Eyes Of An Artist".

elk, the devil and Miss Jones

(18/07/13) At a New York department store the employees are fighting the owner, whom they simply call "The Devil". As this evil figure is played by Charles Coburn and Jean Arthur is his nemesis "Miss Jones", at the end things turn out differently and, of course, happy. The screwball comedy from 1941 is screened as part of the latest workshop at Tech Amergin.

The asphalt office.

(12/06/13) When you're out to get all the details for your next report, it happens that you have to wait for the next interview partner to arrive. This is always a good chance to unpack your MacBook and have some things done in the meantime - also if it's on a busy street corner in the middle of a village like Lugano.

8 tons, up in the air

(24/05/13) The impressive chiller has the same weight as four grown-up rhinos - and yet it's just floating calmply up in the air. In the future the machine will be cooling down the manufacturing process at a food plant in Swiss village Orbe - and elk is writing about it.



(25/04/13) It's already the third movie workshop at the Tech Amergin this Spring. And despite the sunny weather outside it got very dark in the screening room. A trip into Agatha Christie's mysterious worlds was on the programme, starting with an introduction and a short documentary, followed by the main feature, where it really got dangerous.

elk meets Loy and Grant

(13/03/13) For two movie workshops at the Tech Amergin in Waterville elk takes the participants back into the 40s. On the 21st and the 28th March we meet screen legends Cary Grant and Myrna Loy.

In the King's cave

(09/03/13) It's not often that you get into the cellar of a King, even if it's "only" a Swiss Wrestling Champion" (known in Switzerland as "Wrestling King"). But if you are on the hunt for special heating machines you never know, where it leads you to. This time it's a new air/water heat pump elk is going to write about, the "King's heat pump" to be precise.

elk - and it sticks

(18/02/13) On behalf of Holenstein Werbung elk was assigned to write several texts for a direct mailing for 3M. The brochure and the accompanying letter was directed to 3M's direct customers in the Industrial Adhesives and Tapes division.

elk the moderator

(13/02/13) After a couple of successful tryouts last year elk officially introduces moderation into his portfolio. elk loves moderating and the public reaction showed that it shows and elk feels at home doing that. See some pictures from moderating events with bestselling Irish author Lorna Byrne.





elk's movie side of life

(12/02/13) Do you know Myrna Loy? Have you ever heard of Edward Everett Horton? Or did you ever meet Leon Shamroy? If not,it's about time to change that. Attend one of elk's "movie workshops" and travel back in time. With a 1000 movies seen, as many books read and a heart full of movie memories elk is the right one to turn to, when movie history is told in an interesting and amusing kind of way. Have a first glimpse here.

elk back to blue

(11/02/13) Again with lots of pleasure, elk is back with articles in the staff magazine "Blue Inside" for Walter Meier. This issue contains many portraits of long-time employees. It will be published at the end of February.

Never lost at Zurich Airport

(05/10/11) Several brochures for passengers and visitors needed an update. elk was immediately on scene at Zurich Airport to write and edit.

elk's second take-off

(01/10/11) Also the second issue of the magazine "Oldies News" was edited and produced by elk.

elk about the green, green grass of home

(01/09/11) For the first time elk has published a travel report about his second home, beautiful Kerry. It was featured in the September issue of "display" magazine. Also the pictures were provided by elk.

elk meets Leslie Caron

(05/08/11) She was "Lili", "Gaby", "Fanny" and "Gigi" - Leslie Caron. elk met the movie legend, when she attended the Vincente Minnelli retrospective at Locarno Film Festival. The short version of the interview was published in the June 2012 issue of "display"

elk and Charlie

(02/05/11) In elk's second home town, Watervile, Co. Kerry, there will be the first Charlie Chaplin Comedy Film Festival from 25th to 28th August. Already last December, when the festival was announced, elk decided to support it as one of many "patrons".





elk back "up in the air"

(20/04/11) Swissair does not exist anymore, but its spirit is still alive. Especially amongst its former employees. Some of them are organized in different groups, for instance the «Swissair Oldies». From now on elk is responsible for publishing their half-yearly club magazine «Oldies News». The first issue is just out.




elk "on the run" - and "on the move"

(07/02/11) Since November last year elk was "on the run" and working a lot. Now he just took a short break on a green meadow to take a deep breath. And he is listening to the birds and twittering himself. elk is busy with a lot of work, while many interesting new projects are being developed right now.




Looking for the summer in the East

(01/02/10) The eastern part of Switzerland has a lot to offer: by foot or on two or eight wheels. The East Switzerland Tourism Office ordered Claudia Schumm and elk out to find the best tracks and routes to be discovered. They came back with lots of impressions and put everything down on paper. The results can be seen in the new brochure «Natour Pur», which will be released this spring.




elk 4 better air @ home

(25/01/10) To improve the air quality in one's own home, you might consider installing an air cleaning device, such as 3M's Filtrete air purifiers. Not many people know about this, therefore elk was aked to deliver the right words for a new brochure, which will be released this spring.


elk «in vino»

(08/01/10) These days you might spot elk in a vineyard near you. And this has a reason. elk is now also working for Swiss organic wine company Delinat. A first article has already been published in the magazine «Wein Wissen» of Delinat DegustierService. The subject was the wine region Languedoc-Roussillon.



«Happy New Year» with «Blue Gazette» 

(04/01/10) These days the first issue of the new «Blue Gazette», the customer magazine of Walter Meier, is being published. While there are less pages than in previous issues, the content has been extended. With these improvements the magazine should gain an even greater range of readers.



Interview with Lorna Byrne

(28/05/09) Today Eric Langner has met Lorna Byrne, author of «Angels in my hair» in Roscrea, Co. Tipperary for an interview. It will be published in the next issue of the Swiss magazine «Spuren»


elk and TwiceTwo in Thun

(17/04/09) Together with its partner company TwiceTwo Productions Ltd  elk takes part at this year's Swiss artists fair in Thun. Promoted are the programs «Calling Doris», «3 Sisters 4 Swing», «Ein bisschen Spass muss sein!» and «Downtown». 

«Hello Doris!»

(03/04/09) On Doris Day's 85th birthday elk discloses the new website of «Calling Doris». Here also the show's flyer can be downloaded. Tickets are now available through e-mail tickets(at)callingdoris.ch



A birthday show for Doris

(12/03/09) Coming 3rd April, Doris Day will celebrate her 85th birthday. A perfect reason for Eric Langner und Markus Buehlmann to stage a new show in honour of Doris. Opening night at the Theater STOK in Zurich will be on the 6th May.


«Blue Inside» - first issue 2009

(10/03/09) Elk was again responsible for editing the new staff magazine at Walter Meier Klima Schweiz. It features stories about the expansion of their services departement, recent success stories as well as latest news from inside the company.




Back «out on the green»

(04/03/09) After 2002 elk is for the second time responsible in editing the new brochure for the Golf Park Otelfingen near Zurich. It will be released mid April, right on time for the coming Golf season.

First Sustainable Report at Zurich Airport

(10/02/09) Zurich Airport Inc. is issuing this spring their first Sustainable Report. Elk is responisble for the editing of the copies.



Back with the doggies thanks to «Cesar»

(22/01/09) Even though the publication of the pet magazine «Tiernews» has been cancelled, elk remains faithful to the four-legged friends. He is currently working on am exciting new project for dog food brand «Cesar».

«Ein bisschen Spass...»: succesful premier

(17/12/08) The two week run of «Ein bisschen Spass muss sein» has been succesfully started at Seehotel Waldstätterhof in Brunen, Switzerland. More informationen to follow soon.  

Zurich Airport's annual report in the making

(05/12/08) elk is currently working for the agency Hotz Identity and Unique (Zurich Airport Inc.) by writing and editing all of the copies for the annual report 2008.  



«Tiernews», second issue

(01/12/08) The second issue of the pet magazine «Tiernews» brings again many stories about pets and their owners. For instance legendary Swiss TV host Kurt Aeschbacher, who talks about his life with Labrador Retriever Bombay. Or you may read about the work of Zurich Airport head veterinarian Adrian Schmitt. Also available online are all the older issues. 


Photos and more information about the new show 

(24/11/08) For the media and the fans elk has now many photos and a lot of information about the new show ready - but only in German. On these two pages you'll find everything about  «Ein bisschen Spass muss sein». Don't miss the trailer on the fan site!

A new show is coming

(06/11/08) «Downtown-The Musical»-authors Markus Buehlmann and Eric Langner have written a new show, which will premier in Brunnen on 17th December. Its' called «Ein bisschen Spass muss sein», taking its title from one of the greatest «Schlager» hits from the 70s, that have been performed at the now cult TV show «ZDF-Hitparade». 

Catch the «Fondue lion»

(01/11/08) Starting this November,  the Restaurant Löwen Kloten ("lion") will serve the classic Swiss Fondue in a specially built and heated outdoor tent. To gain more attention for that, elk has created a new postcard in cooperation with Adrian Keller and Bader + Niederöst.



Aspects of «Blue»

(22/10/08) The new issue of Walter Meier customer magazine «Blue Gazette» offers a wide range of reports of the different activities of the company. Especially noteworthy is the article about the new solarcooling system that has been installed at Pictet & Cie. in Geneva and is the first of its kind in Switzerland.



«5 gegen 5»  - or: Swissair is alive!

(09/10/08) Six former Swissair crew members got together again to take part in the Swiss TV game show «5 gegen 5». It was an excellent opportunity to celebrate the legendary Swissair spirit. During the show former Flight Attendant Eric Langner (second from the right) was also able to talk about his book project «Den Sternen am Nächsten» , which he is currently writing.

«Downtown» in the mountains

(09/09/08) The weather could not have been better today, when «Downtown - Die Musicalrevue» was performed under blue skies at the small mountain village Davos Monstein. The show was part of the 2nd Touring Musical hiking week. More than 350 viewers enjoyed this open air event.

SR 111 - ten years later

(03/09/08) Ten years ago a Swissair MD-11 crashed on the coast of Nova Scotia. elk would like to take the opportunity to think of the victims, especially the 14 crew members und former colleagues at Swissair. Here for download the german article at the «Anzeiger der Stadt Kloten» (10.09.98) as well as the report at «Brückenbauer» (31.08.99).

«Tiernews», the first issue

(01/09/08) Today the first «Tiernews» of this year is being published. Since March elk has been involved in the making of this issue. Included are reports about one of the last shepherds in Switzerland as well as Swiss TV-man Nik Hartmann and his dog Jabba. The German issue is available for download as pdf-Document. Find more on the respective Website

Describing Zurich airport's future

(18/08/08) Zurich airport authority is in progress of rebuilding several parts of the airport. Most of the work became necessary in order to comply with the Schengen treaty. Others will greatly improve the comfort of the passengers. elk is writing about all this. For instance in a brochure, on the website and on several information tables installed all over the airport. 






«A chameleon on my shoulder»

(14/08/08) The first issue of the animal magazine «Tiernews» has not yet been published - and yet: elk is already on the hunt for contents for the next issue. Today the front page picture has been shot and all informations gathered for the article. The secret behind the chameleon on the shoulder will only be disclosed, though, on 1st December, when the next magazine is published.

«Blue Inside» from «Green Outside»

(28/07/08) At the elk's Waterville office the new issue of Walter Meier staff magazine «Blue Inside» is currently taking shape. It will be published in September and will contain 16 pages of news articles, behind the scenes reports and stories about employees. Already next week a new issue of the electronic newsletter «Blue direct» will be e-mailed out. Also this has originated «out in the green».

Who's the «celebrity»?

(05/06/08) In every issue of the pet magazine «Tiernews» a «celebrity» is featured. Today we were in Betten (Canton of Valais) to meet a well known personality along with his dog. Find out, who it is by watching the movies (movie 1 & movie 2) or wait until 1st September, when the next issue is being published. 

On the road for pet magazine «Tiernews»

(29/05/08) These days several stories for the upcoming issue of the pet magazine«Tiernews» are realized. Today the crew was visiting a shepherd in Schwellbrunn. Two short movies (movie 1 & movie 2) allow first impressions. More about this and the other stories can be read on 1st September.  

Boat christening on film

(12/04/08) During winter 2008/09 Markus Weissenberg will sail around the Antarctic - all on his own in his yacht «Nina-Soraya». This project is supported by Walter Meier. For the boat christening in Basel elk captured the best moments on film. The results can be seen at «elk2watch» on Youtube.

TwiceTwo founded

(01/0408) «The future shall see more plays, musicals and shows!» To achieve this goal Eric Langner has founded TwiceTwo Productions Ltd. The main work will be creating and producing own ideas as well as bringing existing work on stage.  TwiceTwo specializes in corporate events as well as public showings. More information will be ready soon at www.twicetwo.co.uk 

Corporate brochure published

(17/03/08) The new corporate brochure of Walter Meier Climate Switzerland gives an overview of the company's products and services. elk has taken part in the work for this brochure.




Back for pet magazine

(10/03/08) After 2006 elk has again been appointed for editorial works for the coming editions of the pet magazine «Tiernews». This is done in collaboration with Flowcube Communications for Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund.



Irish office opened

(22/02/08) elk has arrived in Ireland. Today afternoon at 14.30 the sale for the new house and office has been closed. elk is now offering its services both in Zurich and Waterville.





«Blue Gazette» out now

(18/01/08) For the first time the newly created customer magazine «Blue Gazette» of Walter Meier has now been published. Featured are success stories as well as new products of the company. elk has provided most of the texts for this edition.


Death of John O'Donohue

(04/01/08) Irish author, poet and scholar John O'Donohue (53) passed away in the night from the 3rd January. He was well known all over the world thanks to his books «Anam Cara» and «Eternal Echoes». Eric Langner has met John for an interview at the Frankfurter Buchmesse on 15th October 1999.





Happy New Year in «Downtown» Brunnen

(03/01/08) The new year starts with a finale: Until Saturday, 5th January, 2008, viewers have the last chance to see «Downtown - Die Musicalrevue» in Brunnen. Do not miss this oppurtunity and get your tickets today. (Picture: kulturwerk.ch)

«Blue Inside» for Christmas

(22/12/07) Just in time for the Christmas holidays the employees of Walter Meier Climate Switzerland received the first issue of the new staff magazine «Blue Inside». elk was involved in the making of it.



Xmas elk

(21/12/07) elk wishes all our customers and friends a Merry Christmas and thanks for the great support during the first six elk months. May these forthcoming holidays be peaceful and athmospheric and create a lot of good vibrations for a great start into the new year.


Succesful first night

(12/12/07) Today «Downtown - Die Musicalrevue» has seen a succesful first night. The show was sold out and the audience at the Hotel Waldstätterhof in Brunnen seemed to like the performance and the dinner very well.

elk and lamb in st. m 

(06/12/07) Eric Langner and photographer Renü Lamb are currently at the Kempinski Hotel in St. Moritz in order to report for the new Walter Meier customer magazine «Blue Gazette». Featured in the story is the warm air curtain which is installed in the entrance of the hotel. The magazine will be issued on 15th January 2008. (picture: Renü Lamb)

«Downtown - Die Musicalrevue» in Brunnen

(15/11/07) From 12 December 2007, audiences in the Waldstätterhof in Brunnen will be taken on a journey through time into swinging London in the ö€ºsixties. Thanks to Petula Clarkö„¢s greatest hits «“Downtown ö€œ The Musical» promises to be most entertaining.

A first «Blue Note»

(09/11/07) On time for the launch of the new company Walter Meier at the beginning of November also the first issue of staff magazine «Blue Note» has been issued. A major part of articles and photographs have been contributed by elk. At the moment work is in progress for a second staff magazine, called «Blue Inside» , which is published for the employess of Walter Meier Climate Switzerland only. 

Deborah Kerr has died

(18/10/07) As announced today, famous British actress Deborah Kerr has died in Suffolk, England last Tuesday, 16th October 2007. 20 years ago Eric Langner has organized a hommage to Deborah Kerr for the Film Club of the Zurich Cantonal High Schools. For these showings he had invited Mrs. Kerr to attend, what she had to turn down as she explains in her letter from 9th October 1987.  In early 1988 the following movies starring Mrs. Kerr have been shown during the hommage: "Quo Vadis", "The King And I" und "From Here To Eternity".


elk in ie

(15/10/07) For a short visit and talks with possible future customers elk has flown to Ireland. Currently elk is in Dingle, where - of course - there are no signs of elks at al, but on the other hand world-famous dolphin "Fungi".

News for employees: «Insider»

(21/09/07) Today the new issue of the staff magazine «Insider» of the companies Axair Kobra, Oertli Service and Vescal has been issued. Part of the contents and the photographs as well as the final editing have been contributed by elk.

«The king and I»: 25 years later

(09/09/07) It was the perfect surprise, foremost for Eric Langner himself: At the yearly Zurich shooting competition for boys (and meanwhile also girls) in the age between 12 and 14 years (Zürcher Knabenschiessen) he was the winner in 1982 and thus elected «Schützenkönig». 25 years later he has been invited to this year's festivities. Here's a nostalgic look back.


el by AV

(06/09/07) The Zurich public transport company (VBZ) celebrates it's 125th birthday these days. As part of the celebrations well known Swiss photographer Alberto Venzago took pictures of hundreds of passengers in a tram. One of them was el. The picture. 

elkmailing from elkland

(28/08/07) Out of the elkland Sweden a first elkmailing was sent on 28 August 2007. «elk arrives» was the message - and the picture of each postcard featured an elk. Ten different elk picture postcards were posted from Stockholm that day. And this meant also the starting signal to take part in the elktest.


Magdalen Nabb dies

(22/08/07) As reported by the Diogenes-Verlag, English crime and youth writer Magdalen Nabb died on 18 August 2007. She was best known for her crime novels set in her adopted home of Florence. Eric Langner interviewed Magdalen Nabb for «“Brückenbauer» magazine in 1999 (Interview). (Photo: Stefan Jäggi/«“Brückenbauer»)


«Blood Brothers» in Berne

(21/08/07) From 8 October to 9 November 2007 the hit musical «“Blood Brothers» will be showing at the Theater am Käfigturm in Berne. The title roles will be played by brothers Markus and Charly Buehlmann. Markus Buehlmann and Eric Langner together wrote the play «“Downtown ö€œ The Musical».